2021 ICP Cup Award Winners

2021 In City Prints Cup Championship Results

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Here are your 2021 Champions and award winners.

JR1 Briggs 206TaG HEAVYNW TaG JR
Ben Corkery1Brian VerDuin1Matteo Alfano1
Kennedy Spier2Chad Wallace2
Max Herberholz3Chris Worley3TaG Heavy
Lewis Dilley4Kamual Sundar1
Jack Bowdish5Shifter
Cooper Becklin1125cc Open Shifter LTD
ORP JR2 Briggs 206Joe Criscione2Travis Henson1
Zak Meyer1Jack Doyle3Brandon Scheiber2
Riley Miller2Ross Wolf3
Trestin Moore3ICP ROAD RACEVance Johnson4
William Ginn4Frank Ross5
Mason Smark5Briggs World FormulaHonda  CR 125/99Cyl Heavy
Corey Marcum1Micah Salkind1
SR BRIGGS 206Jeff Lewis2
Lukas Eyth1Greg Normandin3Formula ICE
Jeff Lewis2Don Holmboe4Chuck Gilbert1
Gabe Tesch3Bryan Green5
Jack Doyle4NW-2 Briggs World Formula
Geoff Clark5TaG JRChris Passanante1
Matteo Alano1Don Holmboe2
CMC World Formula ProJeff Lewis3
Mike Gutenberger1TaG LIGHTCorey Marcum4
Bryan Green2Kamal Sundar1Greg Normandin5
Michael Schorn3
Jeff Lewis4125cc Open Shifter LTD HeavyNW TaG Heavy
Aaron Stanford1Kamal Sundar1
TAG CadetGene  Bircher2
Ben Corkery1NW 125cc Open Shifter LTD
Roman McCurdy2Honda CR 125/99CylTravis Henson1
Jonathon Walker3James Francis1Brittany Williams2
Frank Ross2
HRE TaG JRVance Johnson3NW Open Shifter Limited Heavy
Riley Miller1Paul Goldman4Aaron Stanford1
Jacob Rinka2Wade Janssen5
William Ginn3NW Honda  CR 125/99Cyl Heavy
Sergio Tapia Jr4FK3 UNLIMITIEDMicah Salkind1
Taya Miller5Chuck Gilbert1
NW Honda CR 125/99Cyl
NW100NW Briggs World FormulaJames Francis1
Doug Huggler1Chris Passanante1Frank Ross2
Shawn Kies2Corey Marcum2Vance Johnson3
Jeff Lewis3Brandon Schieber4
IMUSA TaG SRBryan Green4Ross Wolf5
Gabe Tesch1Greg Normandin5
Christopher Mann2NW Formula ICE
Gracie Brown3Keith Opzeeland1
Serkan Ketenci4

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