SomeTips for this Weekends Padholder Super Cup Race

To all of our Portland Karting Association members If you are planning on attending The Padholder Super Cup Sprint race this weekend May 20-22 here are some helpful tips and suggestions to make your weekend as pleasant as possible. This event will have over 150 entries each day so there will be a lot of action.
1. NWKA Membership is required to race this event. Fee  $10.00 per family.
2. Pre Registration will close on Wednesday at Noon. You can preregister at
3. It is highly advisable that if they are intending to race on Sunday to come Saturday evening after the races are over, or come Thursday or Friday to get your spot. You can get a pit spot request form from the Motorsports reg site, Pit spots will be crowded and limited. So prepare to work out of a canopy only or with someone else.
4. Race Day Registration will close on Sunday at 8:00AM. So come early.
5. 20.1.1.   Drivers Meeting: The meeting will be held at 8:00 AM.  Any driver not in attendance will start at the rear of the field in the Pre-Final.
6. Pre Tech is different at the Padholder events. You will need to go see tech and get your engine seals, install them and install the Chassis seal before you are allowed on the track. There is a $5.00 fee for the required Engine and Chassis seal.
7. Due to the number of entries and classes. There will be only one practice session on both Saturday and Sunday. This is so we can finish by 6:30PM.
8. If you want to practice then Friday would be the day for practice, The regional series is a great experience but remember it is also geared for the more seasoned racers.
9. Le Cont is the spec tire for dry’s. LeCont, Levanto, and Bridgestone are the spec tires for Rains.
10. The Pits will be full and you more than likely will get asked to share a pit spot with someone else.
11. With the high numbers of attendance things will move quickly so keep alert. We will have an announcer to help but please keep track of your time and when your class is on track. This series will not wait for you if you are not on the grid on time.
12. This is a great race to attend even if you do not race. Show support of the club and it is a great opportunity to meet racers and ask questions to gain some great racing knowledge.
13. The weather is going to play into the ability to park and pit in the grass. IF it is wet we can’t park in the grass.
14. Friday Evening there will be a Barbeque hosted by PKA, some come on down. We are asking for donations to help pay for the caterer.
15. We will be posting the daily schedule on Thursday after Pre-Registration is closed and we have a fairly accurate count of entries in each class.  We posted early at our last race and had to change the schedule 3 times before we had the final schedule and there was confusion.
16. We are asking for our club members’  with general help  in keeping the grounds clean and neat.  We are also asking our members to help  in welcoming our out of town racers. Remember they are our guests.
17. Okay this list is long and we got most of its important items listed. We look forward to seeing all of you and for you to have a great time. Mike Schorn President and the PKA Board of Directors

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