Instructions to become a PKA Member for 2023

1. Click on Membership Form, print out and please fill out completely.
2. Click on Practice Guidelines and Waiver Form (REQUIRED FOR ALL MEMBERSHIPS) below, print out, and please fill out even if you do not intend to practice at MAC Track.
3. If you have children under 18 in your immediate family, you need to contact Ann Harlow or Olivia Dahl  to get an original minor release form mailed to you.
4. Once all forms are completed mail to the address listed on the Membership form (Olivia Dahl) along with payment.
5. You should receive your membership cards by mail in 2-3 weeks.

If you have questions please email

Notes for 2023

Simplified membership options!  There is just a single membership that includes access to the MAC Track.  The road race membership has remained the same, and like always does not include access to the MAC Track.  You must purchase the Sprint/Road Race/Moto Combo Membership to get access to the MAC Track.

This year PKA membership will require that you fill out a NKA Minor’s Release for all memberships Kart and Motorcycle, that will be kept on file with PKA for the year. Your new Membership card will denote if a minor’s release is on file.

1. Because PKA uses  NKA which also insures motorcycles all members will only be required to fill out one minor release form for each child for the year. Which is great for our members and our Membership Chairperson.

2. With releases on file it will not be required to fill out a minor release each time you race. A guardian will still need to register the minor but there will be one less form to fill out for the guardian, the club registrar and the fairgrounds secretary each time you visit the MAC Track for practice.

It is also mandatory that a 2023 MAC Track Practice Wavier be downloaded, filled out, and sent in with your membership; even if you do not intend to practice at the MAC Track. This will also make signing in at the fairgrounds easier, smoother and quicker.

2023 Membership Fees

2023 PKA Membership Form

2023 Practice Waiver

Race Protest Form (pdf)

For questions or additional information about joining the club, email us at