Track availability will vary at times due to scheduled events (See Calendar). Here are some general guidelines:


With some exceptions (annual county fair, preparation for large events, etc. – see calendar), the track is available on weekdays – for members (guests are only allowed if they are with a member). If it’s a long drive for you, we recommend checking with the front office to make sure they are open, before driving out to the track. Their phone number is (503) 434-7524 – please limit calls only to make sure they are open, they are not there to answer all your questions about the track.

All people on site, regardless if you’re driving or not, must check in with front office (between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm), pay practice fee and/or pit pass, and sign waiver. No exceptions. Please exit no later than 9 pm.


Weekends are available only if hosted by a PKA member. The Saturday preceding a Sunday race will be an official practice day. Non-race weekends may or may not have practice available. Of course there is no practice if an event is taking place (kart race or motorcycle race). Be sure to check the CALENDAR