New Racer Information

Kart racing is divided into several categories, Sprint, Road Race (Enduro) and Oval (both Dirt and Paved). PKA does not currently offer Oval racing, although there is an oval at the McMinnville track.

Sprint Racing

Sprint racing is conducted in McMinnville at the “Mac Track”. This track is less than a mile long and consists of several turns than limit top speed to no more than 60 MPH. Several races or “heats” are run in a typical race day with a winner-take-all final event. Below is a typical sprint kart. The driver sits upright such as in a typical race car. The karts may be powered by the Yamaha karting engine, shown below, various size motors from motocross cycles, including their 6-speed gearboxes, or 4-stroke motors.

Road Racing

Road racing is conducted at established race tracks normally used by cars, such as Portland International Raceway and Pacific Raceways near Seattle, Washington. The entire track is used just as the cars do, making a race track anywhere from 2 to 4.5 miles in length. This wide open space makes aerodynamics a very important aspect of road racing. Therefore, many road racing karts have full bodywork to improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the kart. One type of kart even goes so far as to have the driver lay down, flat on his back for the highest possible forward speed. These karts are the Enduro class of karts, referred to by racers as “laydowns”. Below are two pictures of laydown karts, click on either one for a larger picture. These karts can be powered by any of the same motors listed for the sprint or sit-up karts. There is a side-by-side comparison of a sit-up kart and a laydown kart below.

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