McMinnville Track Information

PKA’s sprint track is located in McMinnville, Oregon and is nicknamed “Mac Track” due to it’s location. The track is approximately 30 miles southwest of downtown Portland, Oregon. Located at the Yamhill County Fairgrounds, the 14 turn, 6/10-mile long sprint track and accompanying 1/5-mile paved speedway oval were built by PKA in 2001 and underwent some refinements in 2002. The sprint configuration is wide enough to accommodate passing at many different places on the track and technical enough for even the most experienced racer. It incorporates a variety of turns and includes a small elevation change. The facility has a large pre-grid area with enough paddock space to accommodate the largest national events. Open practice and testing is available at the Mac Track typically Monday through Thursday and the Saturday before each club event. National and regional events usually include a Friday practice day as well. North is to the top of the above picture, the starting grid for non-shifter karts is the lined area to the bottom of the photo and the start/finish line crosses the track just prior to the oval at the East end.

Directions to the Mac Track

Track Records

New Track Counter Clockwise

Class Record Holder Lap Time Date

JR I Briggs Animal Heavy Justin Demars :47.960 15-Sep-2012

JR II Briggs World Formula Andy Anderson :46.218 15-Sep-2012

Rotax Micro Jacob Hudson :47.744 15-Sep-2012

Rotax Mini Edward Portz :44.510 15-Sep-2012

Rotax JR Marco Eakins :42.986 15-Sep-2012

Rotax SR Stephanova Nekeel :41.989 15-Sep-2012

TAG SR Randy Word :42.882  15-Sep-2012

Yamaha Super Sportstman Dan Garrison :44.630 15-Sep-2012

World Formula Medium Eric Pfingston :47.522 15-Sep-2012

World Formula Heavy Bryan Green :46.455 15-Sep-2012

Clone Heavy Larry Cockerham :51.409 15-Sep-2012

125 Shifter Dayna Ward :40.726 15-Sep-2012

New Track Clockwise (Reverse)

Class Record Holder Lap Time Date

JR I Briggs Animal Heavy Tyler Besuyen :47.004 14-Oct-2012

JR II Briggs World Formula Andy Anderson :45.922 14-Oct-2012

Rotax Micro Jacob Hudson :47.007 14-Oct-2012

Rotax Mini

Rotax JR Marco Eakins :42.063 14-Oct-2012

Rotax SR Joe Criscione :42.094 14-Oct-2012

Yamaha Super Sportstman Dan Garrison :44.501 14-Oct-2012

World Formula Medium

World Formula Heavy Bryan Green :46.114 14-Oct-2012

Clone Heavy

125 Shifter Jason Stremer :41.483 14-Oct-2012

Old Track Counterclockwise

Class Record Holder Lap Time Date

Junior 1 2-Cycle Phillip Arscott :45.870 26-Aug-2001

Stock 4-Cycle Don Beck :48.007 22-Sep-2002

Stock Medium 4-Cycle Mikki Bissett :49.388 8-May-2004

Stock 4-Cycle Heavy Nick Harrt :48.230 25-Jun-2004

Formula 60cc Kayd Straley :41.512 12-May-2002

Formula 80cc Junior Phillip Arscott :39.598 26-Oct-2003

Junior Super Sportsman Mark Atkinson :42.367 7-Jun-2003

Junior Sportsman Phillip Arscott :43.950 7-Jun-2003

Rookie Sportsman Travis Archer :45.971 25-Jul-2004

Junior 4-Cycle Shane Quinn :47.879 25-Jul-2004

Jr. 1 Animal Sportsman Tylour Cannon :47.201 25-Jul-2004

Junior 2 Stock Animal Alan Cathey :43.811 25-Jul-2004

Super Junior II 4-Cycle Dakota Pryor :45.522 25-Jul-2004

Super Sportsman Scott Holmboe :42.746 7-Jun-2003

Super Sportsman Master Rick Clark :44.216 16-Sep-2001

Formula Y Mike Anderson :43.015 25-Aug-2002

Formula Y Light Brian Davis :42.331 7-Jun-2003

Yamaha KT100 Heavy Michael Hanson :43.203 25-Jul-2004

HPV Don Wentworth :42.226 16-Sep-2001

Formula 80 Aaron Neliton :40.615 25-May-2002

Formula 80 Master Edward Novak :44.171 11-Mar-2001

Rotax Max Brett Hrenko :41.150 17-Jun-2001

Parilla Leopard Chris Knight :39.914 7-Jun-2003

4-Cycle Animal Bryan Green :45.776 6-Jun-2004

World Formula Bryan Green :44.971 28-Mar-2004

World Formula Heavy Chris Hatch :45.892 25-Jul-2004

4-Cycle Master Larry Mosegard :47.177 25-Jul-2004

Star Seth Nash :42.702 25-Jul-2004

Formula 125 Master Don Beck :40.887 28-Mar-2004

Formula 125 Light Justin Mack :39.240 7-Jun-2003

Formula 125 Heavy Robert Beck :39.846 26-Oct-2003

Formula 125 Intl. Scott Holmboe :38.261 17-Jun-2001

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